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Sauce Extractor (Full Assembly)

by Bhogart

This is our SPECIALIZED unit.

When paired with Master Vapor Pumps, and Iced Tech chillers, this extractor is capable of mass-producing the highest quality sauce, live resin, and diamonds available on the market. New models are capable of passive/active hybrid recovery, allowing operators to utilize the best aspects of both to achieve optimal solvent recovery.

  • Extracts up to 500lbs of dry biomass in one day.
  • Recovers over 1lb per minute (more with falling film assist)
  • Iced Tech Chiller
  • Master Vapor Recovery Pump D Master Vapor Liquid Pump
  • Water heater for pressure vessel jackets.
  • Vacuum Pump
Material Tube Size 4” x 48” / 6” x 48” tubes
Material Tube Rack Size 1 - 8 tubes available
Power Options 1 or 3 phase
Chiller Options Double 404A Chillers, One 404A, and one 508B chiller

Power 3-4 HP (Pump), 10-20 HP (Chiller)
Speed 3600 rp
Gear Ratio 25.85