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v2.0 2lb BHOgart Extraction System

The BHOgart 2 lb extraction system is our best value yet! The BHOgart utilizes food grade (304L and 316) stainless steel to perpetually ensure a clean product. The 2 lb system runs 9 lbs of solvent at one time, which is 3x the amount of solvent that the 1lb unit runs.

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The BHOgart 2 lb extraction system is our best value yet! The BHOgart utilizes food grade (304L and 316) stainless steel to perpetually ensure a clean product. The 2 lb system runs 700-1000 grams of material every 1-2 hours.  The extractor comes with a Stainless steel 4.2 gallon recovery tank which can hold a maximum of 19lbs of butane. The 10” diameter x 12” tall collection chamber is a massive upgrade from smaller 6″ diameter units. This collection chamber has rounded edges and a seamless design to ensure all sanitation standards are met. The machine is clamped together with double bolted high pressure clamps to ensure maximum safety. Standard butterfly clamps were not design for the strenuous use that extracting puts on them. They quickly  wear down over time and become unsafe to use. The double bolted design adds a second bolt to hold the clamp together in the event of a failure. Each clamp comes with brass nuts to reduce thermal expansion and contraction. Brass nuts also help explosion proof the system by preventing sparks from tightening the system or dropping the nuts.

For increased versatility, the V2.0 2 lb extraction system offers a 3” x 48” material tubes.  The 3″ x 48″ tube minimizes the number of failure points allowing you to focus on running the highest quality material. Order larger material tubes to reach maximum capacity, or work with smaller tubes and capitalise on the advantages of the large solvent tank. Overall for people who want the most versatility in their extractors, the 2lb bhogart offers the highest solvent to material ratio for the price allowing for higher yielding extractions and more options.


  • 4.2 gallon solvent tank capacity. (20lbs butane/ 18lbs Propane)
  • 3″ x 48″ Material tube: Holds 1.4 gallons or 700-1000 grams of Botanical Material.
  • Highest SLT Ratio(Solvent Liquid to Tube volume): 2.77:1 Gal
  • 2.0 Recovery System designed for safe and easy solvent recovery
  • The Vapor Recycler™
  • Built in modular Filter drier with included molecular sieve
  • Modular and upgradeable: modular components allows for plug n play upgrades.

Unit includes:

  • 10” x 12” Seamless collection chamber
  • 10” Collection chamber lid w/ 2” Ferrule
  • 10” x 12” Recovery tank w/ dual ports, dip tube, and a safety valve that goes off at 150 PSI.
  • One: 3” x 48” Material Tubes
  • 3” to 2” reducer
  • 3″ filter plate
  • 3″ filter plate Ring
  • Three: 3” double bolt clamps
  • Three: 3″ Buna gaskets
  • One: 2” double bolt clamps
  • One: 2″ buna gasket
  • 3” Material tube lid
  • FFP recovery manifold
  • molecular sieve drier
  • Molecular sieve 3A 5lbs
  • Four:  5ft LP350 hoses.

Other Required or recommended Parts:

  • Required: A water bucket for warm water, the Collection base goes into this water in order to heat the solvent. The heat provides the energy needed to vaporize. Since Vaporization is an endothermic process meaning that it requires energy(Heat) to occur efficiently.
  • Required: A Water Heater or a Warm water source to maintain the Collection base temperature. Since vaporization is endothermic the water in the bucket will cool as the solvent is vaporized. It is therefore necessary to have water heater to maintain the desired water temprature.


  • Recommended: Heat exchanger. Condensation is the same as vaporization but in the opposite direction. Therefor condensation is an exothermic process meaning that it releases energy(heat) rather than absorbing it like vaporization. The heat exchanger is chilled using ice water and has a lot of internal surface area allowing for the efficient absorption of heat. The heat exchange reduces system Pressure and makes the BHOgart Recover solvent significantly faster.
  • Recommended: Gas Booster pneumatic recovery pump. Liquid gases expand a huge amount when vaporized. Propane for example expands 300 times when it turns into a gas, this means 1 liter of propane turns into 300 liters of gas. The gas booster is a very fast recovery  pump capable of recovery 40lbs an hour. Bhogarts Gas booster is air operated which means its intriniscally safe


Recovery and vacuum pumps sold separately.

From the date of delivery, customers have 15 business days to open and inspect all crates and boxes. Any missing pieces must be reported within this time period, else replacements will not be provided free of charge. If any parts are found to be missing, please call us at 855-553-3887, via our support ticket system, or through LiveChat.

Recovery Pumps and Vacuum Pump sold separately.
All BHOgart Non certified Systems are for Butane Use only. Do not Use BHOgart systems for solvents not on the Approved Solvent list with the appropriate gaskets. All BHOgart Certified Extraction systems are designed to run Butane and propane. Make sure to consult a state licensed engineer to certify you extraction Lab. Contact the bhogart techTeam representative for more information.

*Any canceled order may be subject to a restocking fee.
*Units also no longer include the Sight Glass

* Pictures of the system are NOT accurate representations of what is included. Extractor picture is depreciated and may include parts not on the parts list.

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 60 in

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I was going to go with the 1lber but i went with this one and bought extra smaller 1lb and 1/4lb tubes. Im happy i did! Now im ready to upgrade to the 5lber with the water jacket and filter base!!

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