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3.2 Vaccuum Oven w/ Direct Surface Heating

  • Direct Surface Heating™
  • Nitrogen Inlet Port
  • Desiccant Chamber and Oven Stand
  • Slab Space™: 271 inches² per shelf, 4 shelves, 1084 inches² total.


Ovens do not include:

KF25 Vacuum Hose

KF25 Vacuum Clamps & Gaskets

Vacuum Oven Check Valve (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)



Fiberglass reinforced PTFE sheets are the ultimate surface for vacuum oven purging. Non-reactive with butane and propane, our sheets are safe to use at up to 550° F (287.8° C).

Rolls are 14″ x 720″ (35.5cm x 18.3 meters), .07mm thickness, and reinforced with fiberglass fabric.

PTFE Rolls purchased with any BHOgart oven receive 10% off

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The 3.2 Cubic Foot oven is the industry’s answer for the mid-range oven. All 4 shelves are expandable and individually heated.  A specially designed nitrogen gas inlet, lab safe wheels for mobility, and a bulletproof glass observing window. Its sleek black design and dual LED illumination set the standard in aesthetics.

Direct Surface Heating™ 

Each shelf has its own heating element embedded within giving you the closest contact and even distribution from the heat source to your extract. * This is extremely important since heat cannot  travel through a vacuum efficiently. Direct Surface Heating Technology allows for maximum Slab Space and precision temperature control. Why should anything else be between your heat source and your extract! Two PID controllers enable users to target shelf temperatures allowing for different results in the same oven!

Nitrogen Inlet Port

The BHOgart 3.2 vacuum oven also includes our specially designed 3/8″ barb for adding a nitrogen gas system to the BHOgart ovens. Nitrogen gas will speed up the degassing process by ensuring the air you let in is clean and 100% dry. Utilizing a dry gas keeps the extract pristine and clean by preventing degradation due to over boiling. Nitrogen gas purging can reduce purging times from 60-90 hours, down to just 24 hours!

Why Use a BHOgart Vacuum Oven?

When degassing solvent, low temperatures are desired to prevent decomposition of the extracts volatile terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give an extract most of its aroma and other unique properties. It does not take much to evaporate terpenes, which is one of the reasons why you can smell them so easily. If you degas at too high of a temperature these compounds will boil off, leaving your extract with less aroma and flavor. BHOgart’s Direct Surface Heating™ gives you the control needed for maintaining those delicate ambient temperatures. The use of a BHOgart vacuum oven also prevents oxidation of the terpenes during the purging process by eliminating the oxygen and lowering the boiling point of your solvent. Doing so ensures that you have a repeatable process that always produces clean, solvent free extract. BHOGART® designs all vacuum ovens in California with help of engineers and extract producers.

Vacuum Oven includes:

  • Vacuum hose
  • KF25 Barb hookup w/ gasket and clamp
  • Instruction manual


Pick up your oven at our store in San Jose or we can ship it!

For shipping estimates please give us a call: 855-553-3887


Size: 3.2 Cubic feet

SlabSpace™: 271 inches² per shelf

Amount of shelves: 4

Volts: 110V/60HZ

Watts: 850W

Temp range 50 degrees F – 482 degrees F

Temp Stability: +/- 5 degree F

Connection types: K25, and 1/4″ barbed nitrogen gas inlet port.

Ovens do not include:

KF25 Vacuum Hose

KF25 Vacuum Clamps & Gaskets

Vacuum Oven Check Valve (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Vacuum pump


Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 29 x 64 in

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