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Safety Warnings

  1. Always use Bhogart extractors outside or in an extremely well-ventilated area.
  2. Never smoke during the use of a Bhogart extractor or near a Bhogart extractor if the recovery tank is full.
  3. Never operate or store a Bhogart extractor near a flame, heat source, or sparks.
  4. Before operation, take precautions against static discharges.
  5. Do not use or store a Bhogart extractor in direct sunlight or in extreme heat.
  6. Should you smell gas at any point during your use of a Bhogart extractor immediately stop the extraction process and identify the source of the leak.
  7. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby when using a Bhogart extractor.
  8. Keep any solvents away from the Bhogart extractor during use.
  9. Do not operate the Bhogart extractor unless you have achieved a full and proven sealed vacuum.