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-40°C Double Plate Chiller

by Bhogart
SKU 2FW-404a-40C-KIT

This chiller system cycles liquid solvents through a heat exchanger, and can bring hydrocarbons or alcohols down to -40°C!
Unlike traditional chillers, which use refrigerant to chill a thermal transfer fluid that is then piped to the application, this chiller can be configured to chill the heat exchangers on the system with refrigerant directly. This eliminates the need for thermal transfer fluids used by other chillers for greater overall efficiency. The design is low maintenance, and easy to operate once installed - just flip the switch and watch it get cold!


  • Chills liquid solvent down to -40°C
  • Designed for chilling volatile solvents
  • 2 electric-powered refrigerant compressors
  • Uses 404A and 508B refrigerants
  • 3-Phase power
  • Sanitary stainless steel plate heat exchangers
  • Rated MAWP: LPG-350 PSI


-40°C Liquid Chiller - Models
Designed for hydrocarbon extraction.

Models Motor Pump CO2
-40-1PH 2 HP
1 Phase
Yes No
2 HP
3 Phase
Yes No

Compressor 5 HP
Power 1 or 3 Phase
Max Circuit Amacity 28
1 Unit Compressor 12725 BTU/hr
2 Unit Compressor 25450 BTU/hr