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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Honey Pot Rack

by Bhogart

With your honey pots fully valved and plumbed together in series, your extract can be graded off into separate vessels. This depends on a collection of different conditions: 

  • Time
  • Color
  • Temperature

Equipped with spray nozzles in each pot, recovery time will drastically decrease. The extract will atomize as it enters the honeypot, which increases the surface area and exposes more extract to heat. This allows your solution to boil off leftover solvent, producing the most yield



- (4)  22” Honey Pots

- (3)  22” Honey Pots 

(1) 30” Honey Pot

Dimensions (Fully Assembled Rack) 63” H x 59” W x 23” D

Work Area (Under Pot)

22” Pot - 23” clear.

30” Pot -14” clear.


22” Pot = 2.3gal

30” Pot = 3.5gal