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Terp Proof


Terp Proof® products are outrageously non stick. Terp Proof® is composed of PTFE – a safe polymer used in the medical field for prosthetic joints. This advanced polymer is so slippery, bacteria and other infectious agents have trouble adhering to its surface. This solvent proof, completely non stick surface prevents product losses from absorption and residue on sticky packaging.

Terp Proof®
As extraction methods keep improving, so does the extract. Terpene preservation is a direct result of this, creating a drastic increase of terps. Being a natural solvent, terpenes are reactive compounds which will dissolve through silicone parchment paper. This contaminates your extract and allows those sweet, savory terps to absorb into the paper. Terp Proof® doesn’t dissolve, keeping your terpenes contained, your extract pure, and your yields lossless.

Terp Proof™ turns extract into eye candy. Our virgin PTFE squares give your concentrates a crisp finish that can only be compared to glass. Give your top-shelf product a top-shelf package. In this day and age of smooth marketing and professionally designed logos, Terp Proof® is the perfect container to match the quality and image of your brand. Leave behind the parchment paper of the past, stand apart from the competition.

Oven purging
Terp Proof® oven sheets are reinforced PTFE giving them the durability and reusability that you need. They are tear resistant, always lay flat, are flexible and easy to work with. Being solvent proof, you may purge any type of extract on the Terp Proof™ oven sheets. This includes, all hydrocarbons, all alcohols, all terpenes, dimethyl ether, and many more. Stop contaminating your extract with silicone parchment paper. Purge pure™ with Terp Proof®.

Next level
Parchment paper is simply paper with a silicone coating, making it non stick. Silicone is not solvent proof. If you are pouring butane/propane extract onto parchment paper to thin purge, you are contaminating your extract with silicone. The terpenes in extract are natural solvents. Since silicone is not solvent proof, it’s incorrect to use during any part of extract production and containment. Soon, using parchment paper will be taboo. Get ahead of the curve, Get Terp Proof.

Terp Proof® is simply the best material to both press and package your rosin in. Our reinforced PTFE sheets are reusable, tear resistant, solvent proof, and food grade. Rosin is a pure and truly solventless extraction method. Don’t contaminate your extract by pressing it in silicone parchment paper.