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Variable Frequency Drive - 1 Phase-Input x 3 Phase-Output

SKU VFD-1ph-Ix3ph-O

AC Adjustable-Frequency Drives
• IP20

Provide overload protection, prevent motor burnout, and eliminate nuisance tripping. Feature flux vector compensation with static auto-tune that provides excellent speed regulation with high-torque loads throughout the entire speed range. Local/remote key can be used to switch from process control to manual control if a process fault occurs. Electronic inrush current limit eliminates harmful inrush AC line current during power-up. Seven isolated multifunction inputs with sink or source mode control logic, 2 analog inputs, 2 multifunction output relays, and 1 analog output. Built-in potentiometer changes motor speeds. Regeneration protection eliminates tripping due to high bus voltage caused by rapid deceleration of high inertial loads. Undervoltage and overvoltage protection shuts down the drive if the AC line input voltage goes above or below the operating range. Short circuit protection shuts down the drive if a short circuit occurs at the motor, phase-to-phase.

UL and C-UL Listed.