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Diamond Miner - Reversible

by Bhogart
SKU DM-R-4x12-012TC

Diamond Miners

Pressurized crystallization vessels constructed out of stainless steel, known as diamond miners, are considered by many operators to be a superior option to glass jars or dishes when crystallizing high grade hydrocarbon extracts. They offer much greater pressure resistance, are more capable of handling rapid changes in temperature without failing, and they are in general much less likely to shatter, crack, or leak than glass jars during the curing process.

The port(s) and pressure gauge on the lid allow you to safely monitor the pressure on the inside of the vessel, and also inject additional nitrogen pressure if desired, giving you extra control over your curing conditions.

In addition, the capacity which one can safely crystallize in a diamond mining vessel at one time is much greater than would be safe to attempt in a similarly sized glass jar. This allows for larger batch sizes, and easier scaling when increasing your operation's throughput. 

Some miners also come with a built-in screen, and a "reversible" design, allowing the vessel to easily be flipped over for straining of crystallized product at the end of the curing process, or a pre-textured bottom to aid in generating nucleation sites for crystals to form.