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MVP-60 Vapor Recovery Pump

SKU 25C943

The ORIGINAL Master Vapor Pump

C1D1 rated for use in hazardous locations. It can be used to transfer hydrocarbons, alcohols, and many other solvent vapors up to a maximum operating pressure of 60PSI. Wetted parts of the pump do not need any grease, ensuring clean operation, and no contamination of extract.

To ensure safe operation, the back of the diaphragm chamber is pressurized with CO2 as a failsafe to prevent oxygen from getting into the system, in the event of any part failures. Being easy to maintain and operate, as well as efficient in power usage, these pumps are well suited to a wide variety of solvent recovery applications.



MVP-60 Models

Models Motor Pump
MVP-60-1PH 1 HP
1 Phase
1 HP
3 Phase

Pumphead Charge
Flow Rate 6 cfm
Butane Recovery Rate 1-2 lb/min
Butane Re-Condense Rate 12 GPH
Maximum Pumping Outlet Pressure, cnt. 60 PSI
Maximum Pumping Outlet Pressure, int 70 PSI
Maximum Pumping Inlet Vaccuum Produced 27 inHg
Center Section Co2 Charge Range, cnt. 5 - 70 PSI
Center Section Co2 Charge Range, int. 80 PSI
Equipment Withstand Pressure 350 PSI
Maximum Co2 Consumption <0.2 scfh
Co2 Inlet Size 1/4 in. npt(f)
Maximum Pump Speed 190 cpm
Process Inlet And Outlet Size 1/2 in. JIC male
Optional Pressure Gauge Ports: inlet / outlet 1/4 in. npt(f)
Weight 182.5 lb

Noise Data
Sound Power (measured per ISO-9614-2) 70 PSI
Sound Pressure (tested 3.28 ft [1m] from equip.) 5-80 PSI

Electrical / Maintenance - MVP-6CFM-1HP
Power 1 HP
Speed 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Gear Ratio 9.41
Voltage 3-phase 208-230/460V
Maximum Amperage Load 3.3A (230V) / 1.65A (460V)

Electrical / Maintenance - MVP-6CFM-3HP
Power 1 HP
Speed 1800 rpm (60Hz)
Gear Ratio 9.41
Voltage 1-phase 115/208-230V
Maximum Amperage Load 13.4A (115V / 2.7A (230V)

Process Pressure and Reed Valves Stainless steel
Diaphragms FKM fluoroelastomer, PTFE
Process Vapor Temp. Range FKM: -40° to 275° 
PTFE: -40° to 220°F