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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Ball Valve - Sanitary Tri-Clamp

by Bhogart


Our BHOGART brand ball valves are some thing to be recognized. Made from only PTFE and stainless steel, our ball valves are manufactured and designed for butane extraction. The inner diameter of the ball valve is carried through the entire length of the unit. That means if it’s a 4″ ball valve, the opening in the center is 4″ all the way through, maximizing your flow-through. Being three pieces, you can take apart the ball valves for cleaning/maintenance. They also come equipped with locking handles to protect against accidental open.

Materials: PTFE and Stainless Steel

Size: 1.5″ Inner / Outer diameter

Kit includes:

1.5″ BHOGART Ball Valve

1.5″ Double Bolt Clamp

1.5″ Viton Gasket