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About Us

BHOGART® is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of closed loop extraction systems. We pride ourselves in the quality and performance of our closed loop extractors ensuring quality control, high yields (15-20% yields) and high solvent recovery (95% recovery). Years of R&D and testing have lead to the development of the Bhogart extractor line. Safety and quality are our foremost priorities at Bhogart. A team of chemists, engineers, fabricators and concentrate producers collaborated on this project to deliver the ultimate solution for quick and efficient essential oil extraction. Controlling temperature, pressure and time will give the operator complete control over the end product. Our extractors are very easy to use, get great yields and will take your essential oil extraction to the next level.


All of BHOGART® closed loop extractors rely on the use of an external high powered pump. These pumps are like using a pressure washer to cleanse all of the valuable oils from your plant matter and increase the speed at which extraction and recovery happen. Unlike passive systems which are slow and incapable of recirculating the solvent to ensure a thorough extraction and good yield.  Our system cycles in 2-3 hours depending on the systems size and number of pumps. Unlike many other systems Cycle times can be increased with the addition of multiple pumps to cut the time significantly. We have extensive knowledge of what works best with these types of systems and can make recommendations to suit the needs of the extraction process. We also provide consultation and technical support to ensure customers understand proper operating and safety procedures.

Butane Closed Loop diagram

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