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Filter Plate - Perforated

by Bhogart

Recommended to use with same diameter as chosen material tubes.

Also compatible with same diameter as chosen BHOGART Filter Screens, BHOGART Pyrex Wool and all other same size filter media types.

The BHOGART Filter Plate is the best way to hold your filter media inline during your extraction. Use one filter plate or multiple filter plates to achieve the level of filtration you are trying to achieve. You should always use a filter plate that is the same diameter as your material tube. This allows the filter media to have the maximum surface area available. For example if you are using a 3″ material tube you should use a 3″ filter plate. Using the same size filter plate as your material tube prevents clogging and resistance at the end of the material. The flat end and filter media also creates a vapor pressure barrier helping the solvent to distribute evenly throughout the material tube. The larger surface area will also allow for faster flow and filtration with lower micron filters. It will also help prevent over saturation of the filter media.

The filter plate is your primary source of filtration in the BHOGART. At the very end of your material tube use the 10 mesh screen gasket to hold the material out of the filter plate.  This gives you a clean finish while also giving the material something to push up evenly against. The filter plate ring is used to hold the filter media evenly and securely in the filter plate. This prevents any solvent from passing by without being fully filtered. Not matter what kind of filter media you want to use, the BHOGART Filter Plate can help you make it happen.