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Stinger CRC Sleeve


The Stinger
A CRC containment insert presented by Murder Hornet.

This easily swappable CRC media filter and containment basket is designed to replace a traditional sintered disc in your extraction system. 4" and 6" sizes are available. Filter size is 5 micron. 

Handling CRC media, and packing media columns can be a time consuming task. This can easily be a factor which adds on to your extractor's total run-time. The Stinger allows you to quickly, easily, and cleanly remove and replace your CRC media filter in between runs, and help maximize up-time on the unit.

To install the Stinger into your CRC column, slip the basket portion down through the top of the column, and clamp the lower ferrule of the Stinger onto the top of the column with a high pressure clamp and gasket. Then, clamp the CRC column lid onto the top ferrule of the stinger. Attach your injection, drain, and recovery hoses just like you normally would.

To replace the filter, simply disconnect the hose from the top of your CRC column, remove the clamp which mounts the Stinger onto the CRC column, and pull out the entire filter basket. From here, a new Stinger can immediately be inserted into the CRC column, and clamped back in place to prepare for another run. 

Ferrule Sizes Available 4" or 6"
Micron Filter Size(s) Available: 5µg
Temperature Rating: -80° Celsius
Length(s) Available: 12"