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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Screen Gasket - Viton - 1250 Mesh / 10 Micron

by Bhogart
SKU SG-V-1250M-2

BHOGART brand Viton Mesh Screen Gaskets are your solution for holding back your botanical plant material. The mesh screen is perfect for stopping your plant material without slowing down your solvent flow. It is not meant to be a filter. It is designed to hold your plant material in your material tube, not allowing the large pieces of plant material to pass by. This gives your actual filter media some separation from the plant material.

Viton is one of the most chemically and temperature resistant rubber based materials available. Injection molded with the screen embedded, our high quality viton mesh screen gaskets have been designed and manufactured specifically for extraction purposes. They require less torque then our PTFE gaskets. They also have a long lifespan if not damaged, and maintain integrity.  Viton gaskets come standard with all BHOGART extraction systems.