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-60° C Cascading Chiller

by Bhogart
SKU 2AL-404Ax404A-60C-1-KIT

Need to get EVEN COLDER?
Can be used to chill solvents in the system with refrigerant directly, without the use of a thermal transfer fluid.
This system, however, includes a cascading dual-refrigerant system with low-temperature refrigerant that is capable of chilling solvent down
to -60° Celcius. This is the go-to option for process scale cryogenic applications, easily capable of chilling large 30 gallon solvent tanks to subzero temperatures for extraction.


  • Chills liquid solvent down to -60° Celcius
  • Designed for chilling volatile solvents
  • 2 electric-powered refrigerant compressors
  • 3-Phase power
  • Sanitary stainless steel plate heat exchangers