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MVP Fuego Alcohol Heater

SKU 26C448

Some people like it HOT!

This heater can be used to heat up ethanol or other thermal transfer fluids in a recirculating system. It features a C1D1 explosion-proof rating. This can be used for a number different of functions, such as pre-heating liquid solvent before spraying it into a falling film tube to increase recovery rates, or heating up tubes to recover remaining solvent post-extraction. This opens up a variety of different options to recover solvent faster, and more efficiently.
This is especially useful for systems which swing material tube temperatures from cold during extraction to hot during recovery using our Iced Tech chiller, and Master Vapor Liquid Pump. This allows you to extract at ideal temperatures for making live resin and sauce, but still maintain solvent recovery rates only possible at higher temperatures.



    Fuego Alcohol Heater Models

    Models Motor Pump
    FUEGO-1PH 2 HP
    1 Phase


    2 HP
    3 Phase

    Pumphead Charge
    Maximum Working Pressure
    7250 PSI
    Voltage / Wattage / Current* 240VAC
    5400 Watts
    22.5 Amps
    Fluid Passage Heat Transfer Area 210^in2
    Fluid Passage Dimensions H: 0.41in
    W: 0.32in
    L: 3x48in
    Thermometer Range
    64° - 250°F
    Wetted Parts
    Stainless Steel
    Anodized Aluminum Electroless
    Nickel-Plated Steel, PTFE
    Temp. Control Operating Range 84° - 219°
    Input Fluid Temperature -40° - 225°F
    Heat Transfer Fluids Water, Oil, Glycol