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Vacuum Pump With Explosion Proof Motor - CRVpro8 XPRF

by Welch

CRVpro 8 vacuum pumps are two-stage direct-driven vacuum pumps.

CRVpro 8 is available with explosion proof motors. The free air displacements at 60Hz are 5.6 CFM. Total Ultimate pressure is 1.5x10⁻³ Torr.

Examples of Class I locations include chemical plants, oil refineries, gasoline storage/dispensing areas, and gas manufacturing plants. Examples of Class II locations include chemical plants making dusty products.

As with all vacuum pumps with explosion proof motors, conduit wiring to an explosion proof control panel is required. Always use a certified electrician for proper installation of vacuum pump to meet your local municipal codes.

The CRVpro8 pump is cUL listed(E485334).

The CRVpro8 pump with explosion proof motors comes with the following key features:

  • reduced risk of chemical attacks and oil breakdown by diluting chemical vapors with a larger oil chamber
  • slowing down corrosion by cool running operation
  • provides a measure of protection from sublimed chemical vapors with coating on pump module and oil case.

These benefits lead to extended service interval.

Available on request are CRVpro8 pump with explosion proof motors prepared with perfluorpolyether fluid(PFPE) Contact us for more information.

Applications: CRVpro pumps with explosion proof motors are commonly used in petrochemical, chemical, and oil extraction facilities requiring motors needing to meet Class I, Groups C&D and/or Class II, Groups E, F&G requirements.