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Tri-Clamp Tube & Shell Column - 6" x 48"

by Bhogart
SKU FFT-6x48

Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger Column

This type of heat exchanger is perfectly designed for increasing the rate of phase change from liquid to gas, and supercharging your hydrocarbon falling film evaporation rates. The heat exchanger is intended to be mounted on top of the evaporation chamber. The liquid then flows out the drain port at the bottom of the chamber into a liquid pump, which circulates the solution to the top of the heat exchanger column, so it runs down the tubes inside the column and drains back into the evaporation chamber. 

The multitude of parallel tubes in the tube side of the heat exchanger provide high amounts of surface area to boost evaporation rates in high flow applications. 

The heat exchanger is ASME rated for 350PSI of pressure on both the shell and tube sides, which allows for a great degree of flexibility in operating parameters.

Temperature Rating -80° Celsius
Pressure Rating (Tube Side) 350 PSI
Pressure Rating (Shell Side) 350 PSI
Width / Ferrule Size 6"
Length(s) Available 48"