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Vapor Condenser

by Bhogart
SKU 1LTAS-404a

Frustrated by chillers that STRUGGLE to keep up?
This chiller system is ideal for recovering and condensing hydrocarbons or alcohols in large extraction systems. Unlike traditional chillers, which use refrigerant to
chill a thermal transfer fluid that is then piped to the application, this chiller can be configured to chill the heat exchangers on the system with refrigerant directly. This eliminates the need for thermal transfer fluids used by other chillers for greater overall efficiency. The design is low maintenance, and easy to operate once installed - just flip the switch and watch it get cold!


  • Condenses up to 75lbs of butane p/hr.
  • Single stage cooling
  • On-roof Refrigerant
  • Keeps the heat outside
  • Fully C1D1 certified compliant


NEED MORE CHILLING POWER? Two compressor units are available, and can get you colder, FASTER!

Models Motor Pump CO2
-40-1PH 2 HP
1 Phase
Yes No
2 HP
3 Phase
Yes No

Technical Data
Power 208-230 VAC 3-Phase
Max Design Pressure Low side 180 PSIG
High Side 500 PSIG
Current Draw 23 amps 1-Phase
14 amps 3-Phase
Minimum Circuit Ampacity 32.7 amps 3-Phase
Maximum Fuse / Breaker 50 amps 3-Phase
Refrigerant Type R 134A - R 22 - R 404A
R 407A - R 407°C - R 407°F
Temperature Range -45° - 20°C
Dimensions 10” W x 25.5”H x 33”L
Weight 75lb
Power Cord Hard-Wired