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Spring Cleaning Sale!

Filter Sock - 100 Micron

by Bhogart
SKU FS-MT-100um-3.5x36

Filter socks are a great improvement to ergonomics and efficiency when it comes to packing, removing, and replacing biomass in your extraction columns. Newer rack designs allow you to leave the column mounted in place while removing top or bottom lids for cleaning or changing filters, and for swapping out packed socks full of biomass. This allows you to maintain smooth, continuous operation without ever having to remove heavy extraction columns from the rack. It also allows you to pack a large number of socks in advance, to ensure the fastest possible turnover time in between extractions.


  • 4" x 32"
  • 4" x 36"
  • 6" x 24"
  • 6" x 32"
  • 6" x 36"
  • 6" x 48"