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Heat Exchanger - Large Tube & Shell

by Bhogart

The BHOGART ASME Heat Exchanger condenses the hydrocarbon gas in your BHOGART Extraction System, allowing for speedy recovery of your extraction solvent. The BHOGART Heat Exchanger was specially engineered for BHOGART extractors, and is ASME & LP350 certified for use with butane and propane extractors. The tube and baffle design optimizes the amount of surface area available for condensation of your recovered vapors, and is significantly more efficient than the old coil condenser design. The BHOGART ASME Heat Exchange is designed to be connected to a submersible water pump and mounted above your solvent recovery tank, so that gravity can assist in the drainage of the liquid solvent.

Extraction Temperature Control

Heat exchangers can also be used to heat or chill your liquid solvent for extraction. Simply attach your BHOGART Heat Exchange inline between your solvent tank and your material tubes.  When attached properly all of the extraction solvent passes through the heat exchange before the material tubes. As the extractor runs all liquid used to extract with, passes through the heat exchange heating or cooling it to your desired setpoint. Using a cryogenic chiller, the big heat exchange can create ultra cold temperatures during extraction. Pump warm water though the heat exchanger to maximize yield by raising the extraction temperature and pressure.

Heat Exchanger Size

  • 20lbs/per hour

The smaller of the two is used for most BHOGART recovery systems. It acts as the condenser liquefying the recovered solvent as it flows back into the recovery tank. This sized heat exchange is suitable for solvent recovery pumps up to 6CFM and can be used on any sized system.

  • 100 Gallons per hour

The Big ASME Heat Exchange is BHOGARTs answer to facility scale solvent recovery. Weighing in at 135lbs and fully ASME certified this beast is not for amateurs.  Read more about the Big Heat Exchange here

For more information Check Out the Heat Exchanger Data Sheets

To view a .pdf file detailing functional specifications of the BHOGART ASME Heat Exchanger, click the following link:

ASME Heat Exchanger Datasheet