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MVP-150 Vapor Recovery Pump

SKU 2.50E+115

This pump has all of the best features of the original MVP 60, and more. Just like the original, it is explosion proof, can accommodate a wide variety of solvents, has no greased wetted parts, and is pressurized with CO2 as a failsafe.

The larger motor and more robust seals can perform at a higher operating pressure of up to 150psi, allowing for easier usage of gases with higher operating pressure ranges.



MVP-150 Models

Models Motor Pump
MVP-150-1PH 2 HP
1 Phase
2 HP
3 Phase

Pumphead Charge
Flow Rate 6 cfm
Butane Recovery Rate 1.5 lb/min
Butane Re-Condense Rate 18 GPH
Propane Recovery Rate 2 lb/min
Propane Re-Condense Rate
Maximum Pumping Outlet Pressure 60 PSI
Maximum Pumping Inlet Vaccuum Produced 70 PSI
Maximum Center Section CO2 Charge 27 inHg
Equipment Withstand Pressure 5-70 PSI
Maximum Co2 Consumption 80 PSI
Co2 Inlet Size 350 PSI
Maximum Pump Speed <0.2 scfh
Process Inlet And Outlet Size 1/4 in. npt(f)
Optional Pressure Gauge Ports: inlet / outlet 190 cpm
Weight 182.5 lb

Noise Data
Sound Power (measured per ISO-9614-2) 88.5 PSI
Sound Pressure (tested 3.28 ft [1m] from equip.) 80.5 PSI

Electrical / Maintenance - MVP-150CFM-1HP
Power 2 HP
Speed 3600 rpm (60Hz)
Gear Ratio 16.5:1
Voltage 3-phase 208-230/460V
Maximum Amperage Load 5.2A (230V) / 2.6A (460V)

Electrical / Maintenance - MVP-150CFM-3HP
Power 2 HP
Speed 3600 rpm (60Hz)
Gear Ratio 16.5:1
Voltage 3-phase 240V
Maximum Amperage Load 5.44A (230V / 3.14A (460V)

Process Pressure and Reed Valves Stainless steel
Diaphragms PTFE, FKM
Process Vapor Temp. Range FKM: -40° to 275° 
PTFE: -40° to 220°F